Glue Dots

Economy Tablet & Paper Co. has Glue Dots available to suit your needs.

Thickness: 1/64” (15mils)
Tack Levels: Low, Medium, High, and Super High
Size: ½” Diameter
Roll Count: 4000 Dots per Roll
Case Count: 16 Rolls per Case

Why should my business use Glue Dots over other adhesives?

Glue Dots are faster and safer than hot glue guns, cleaner than liquid adhesives and leave no sticky residue like double sided tapes. Eliminate hot glue burns, fumes and set-up times.

How can Glue Dots be more cost-effective when they're applied manually?

Glue Dots can be applied quickly and cleanly, no set up time is required and no drying time is necessary. All of these factors equate to better productivity and cost efficiencies.

What materials do they adhere to?

Glue Dots adhere to a wide variety of materials, including paper, plastic, foil, glass, aluminum, styrofoam, wood, and teflon.

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