Economy Tablet & Paper Co. holds the largest inventory of cohesive paper bands in the country.

Same Day Shipping

Our same day, global shipping will help your organization meet last minute deadlines.

All cohesive paper bands and heat seal tape are available for SAME DAY SHIPMENT.

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Unbeatable Customer Service

Our knowledgeable sales associates understand every aspect of our product lines and capabilities.

Economy Tablet & Paper Co. works hard to serve our customers and even harder to keep them.


Economy Tablet & Paper Co. has the shortest lead time for paper band orders due to our huge inventory. When customers need to turnaround a project that requires paper banding, no one else can provide banding solutions as quickly as Economy Tablet & Paper Co.

We are willing to help our customers through all aspects of ordering paper bands to fit your specifications. Contact us to discuss your order, develop custom printed products or to determine how our items can help your business succeed.